Be Part of the Solution

The Scranton Police Department started a campaign which is titled “Be Part of the Solution”. The design of this campaign is to build relationships with the public and show that residents of our City join with the Police Department in their efforts to detect and deter criminal activity throughout the City of Scranton.

What is the Solution? The Police, the Judicial System, and the Penal System are only parts of the solution with regards to dealing with improving the quality of life for all in our community, especially when it comes down to dealing with crime. The Community plays a very important role in crime in our City.

As mentioned we (The Police) are only one part of the solution, the remainder is made up of the Community to which we serve each day. The philosophy of this campaign is simple: with hope crime can be reduced and/or dealt with more effectively and efficiently by the improved trust and close relationships between the public and the police that serve them.

The “Part of the Solution” campaign will identify people who consider themselves allies with the police in their efforts to look out for the betterment of our City. At the end of this campaign, I would like to see more involvement by people in their Neighborhood Groups/Associations and Neighborhood Crime Watch Programs throughout the part of the City they live in or have a business in. Through this involvement the people will build better relationships and understanding of the Police Department that serves them. By getting involved they will become “Part of the Solution”.

The ultimate goal in this campaign is to deter criminal activity in the City of Scranton. The criminal or potential criminal may come to see that the Police and the Public are very close with one another and they work together as they are united in becoming “Part of the Solution”.

I hope that by working together and being proud of the fact that we serve one another, we could all become Part of the Solution.